House Removal Tips on Packing

A few Hints and Tips on packing up your belongings :

1. Boxes are great tools for moving since they are usually regular sized, easy to handle and it will rarely fall apart when taped correctly. Using a regular size box is important for maximizing the space on your van and it ensures no areas are wasted during the transport. On the other side, bags can easily be compressed anywhere but it is also possible that your bags can be mistaken for rubbish.

2. When you ran out of boxes, bags can be the best alternative for packing your belongings. You can use it for your clothes and beddings.

3. It is very important to maximize space when you are packing so pack your biggest objects first and just fill the space around them. Books are the easiest items to pack. Awkward and odd shaped items like ornaments or other objects the hardest to pack , roll them up into tissue paper. Do remember to spread the weight, an example would be to pack the dinner plates vertically then the weight is evenly distributed.

4. Packing your belongings before moving into a new house can take weeks but it may take you a lot longer by the time you start unpacking. So making sure everything is labeled can help find things faster and easier. DO NOT PACK THE KETTLE.

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